May 28, 2013

AppleScripting Keynote PDF export

This past weekend I found myself in a situation where I would need to export 20 or so Keynote files to PDF ... and I really wanted to avoid having to go through all of them manually. More
July 16, 2012

Audible fun with Alfred

Today's snippet is about switching the active audio output device; I wanted this for work, where I switch between external speakers and some headphones plugged into the front 3.5mm jack. More
May 24, 2012

Bukkit can hold Scala!

Scala is notable for being runnable on the JVM, with the right libraries - and what better way could there be to learn a JVM-compatible language than to write a Bukkit plugin with it? More
May 10, 2012

Alfred, you're a Genius

...I can play a song with the iTunes Mini Player, then reopen Alfred and immediately Genius the song. I can also let a playlist or album start playing through, then turn it into a Genius playlist when I hit a favorite song. More